About Us

Bluebell Aesthetics is a small boutique salon inside Brimstage Hall. A 12th Century building surrounded by beautiful gardens and a collection of other unique & independent shops.

We pride ourselves by being able to provide our clients with the highest levels of satisfaction and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Bluebell Aesthetics is owned independently by Alexandra Perrin who has been in the beauty industry since 2009, specialising in Semi Permanent Makeup in 2013. Training with some of the best known people in the Industry from around the world has contributed in her developing skills. Skills which have helped women empower themselves allowing them to look and feel fantastic.

Showing passion and drive, Alexandra is constantly on the lookout for the latest new techniques and treatments. Innovative skin and body treatments with Lipo Angel, such as Non-Surgical Face Lifts, skin tightening and fat removal, which are a fabulous solution for 21st century living. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We truly believe we are the best at what we do!

The treatments that we offer make such a big difference to people’s lives and confidence levels.  It’s not just about making someone look “pretty”, although that is part of it too, but is about providing results for clients who have conditions that they previously may have hidden away. We love clients telling us what a difference and positive impact our treatments have made on their lives and how they no longer feel the need to hide away any more!