Eyeliner has such a beautiful effect on the eyes and is so underestimated in its stunning effect. Every person has a different eye shape and this is taken into consideration when we draw on your eyeliner before the procedure, color is also important to make sure it flatters your own tones. It is quite common for someone who has had the brow procedure to then have eyeliner as clients then have more confidence in the procedures as a lot of people seem to worry about the eyes the most. We can never tattoo inside the waterline or near the tear ducts but tattoo inside the lash line and just above depending on the look desired.

Lash Enhancement top or bottom £215

(A thin line in the lash line)

Lash Enhancement top & bottom £315

Top or Bottom Eye Liner £250

(A line just above the lash line including the lash line, with or without flick)

Top & Bottom Eye Liner £350

Latino / Thick Top Eye Liner £300