Semi Permanent Makeup FAQ

We can honestly say 95% of people do not find it painful and many clients have even fallen asleep. We use numbing creams to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, a lot of people say tweezing hurts a lot more.
As long as your friend is over 18 we have no problem with you bringing a little moral support. We do not allow any children into the treatment room as the strict Insurance guidelines do not allow this.
This can be different from person to person; there are so many factors which affect the results. Peoples skin type, what medications they take, diet, sun beds, sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated water, color of pigment chosen, products used on the face, how much exercise the person takes part in etc. They can stay visible in the skin between 1 – 5 years gradually fading more and more over time.
There are very few people who are unable to have semi permanent makeup, a full in depth consultation form is completed prior to treatment outlining the restrictions. If you suffer from any medical ailment please feel free to contact us to confirm your suitability.
The first session you will need to allow 2 hours for your first appointment, this will include numbing, completing consultation form, color testing and drawing on the brows and the tattoo procedure. The second session you will need to allow 1 hour, this will include numbing, any further paper work and the tattooing.
It is very important you return for your touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later as it is very normal for the first session to heal patchy, the second session helps fills in those gaps. Plus this is included in the price, failure to return for the second session within 12 weeks of initial treatment date will result in losing your free touch up.
Again everyone is different but on average a yearly top up is recommended.
Unfortunately we are unable to tattoo on anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you find you become pregnant straight after your first session we will not be able to complete the second session.