Hair Restorative therapy

Light therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat the progression of hair loss available today. Studies have shown that light therapy has been found to slow or stop hair loss in about 80% of clients, and with consistent use, has also been found to thicken the existing hair in around 40%. While we cannot guarantee any new growth, tests have shown that clients stop losing their hair and possibly even thickening the hairs that have become finer over the years, it provides most clients with a much-improved appearance in regards to density and coverage.

Lipo Angel Light Therapy at Work

When light therapy is applied to a target area – in this case, your scalp – it has been found to increase blood flow to wherever it is being applied. The specific wavelength of light used in the Lipo Angel Photon is (650-670 nm) and this stimulates the mitochondria (the energy centers of our cells), resulting in cells that become much more active. When this happens, the cells metabolize faster, resulting in more blood flow. More blood flow means that more oxygen, platelets, and other healing properties that our hearts naturally produce get applied to help “heal” the affected area. The end result is a happier, healthier scalp, and more often than not, thicker, healthier hair as well.

Price £30