SPMU Brow Training

Prior to the course you will receive your manual and pre study material.

Each full 4 day brow course starts with 2 days of in depth coverage of the fundamental aspects of SPMU practices including health, safety and hygiene, blood borne pathogens and legal requirements. Table set up, colour theory, anatomy of the skin, muscles and bone structure. Business advise on how to set up your own business once you are qualified. You will also get to know your machine and the other equipment and procedures involved in SPMU inside out so that they come naturally to you.

You will learn the fundamentals of brow composition and design along with the necessary techniques needed to create a number of natural brow effects allowing you to become a fully fledged brow specialist. You’ll gain the understanding of the discipline of brow art and measuring, as well as hairstrokes and the application of combination and powder brows.

After the first 2 days you will then have a week to take the machine home and practice your new skill on practice skin as well as sketching in your provided practice book.

On your return you will then work on live models, each of the of the 2 days Alexandra will demonstrate the technique then you will have 2 models of your own whilst closely supervised and guided.

On completion of the 4 training days you will receive a certificate of completion, you will then be required to produce case studies for your portfolio (students must source their own models for their portfolio)

3 hairstroke

3 combination (hair & shading)

3 powder (shading)

We are then able to arrange your assessment day where you will complete a combination brow on a model without any assistance from the trainer. Providing you have met the level required you will then receive your full qualification.

All courses are fully accredited by ABT Insurance

Students must obtain Student Insurance prior to the course starting. This can be obtained through ABT on 017897773573 quoting ref APERRIN99 to receive discount. The student cover will cover you for the treatments that you do on your training and case studies, once qualified you will then need to update your insurance to full cover.

Your kit will include

  • Machine
  • Needles
  • Pre course, manual, practice book and training material
  • All disposables (masks, aprons, hair nets, cord covers, wrap, wipes etc)
  • Pigments
  • Drawing & measuring materials
  • Practice book and mats
  • Sharps box and bags
  • Test patch kit

You will also received my continued support throughout your career.

You are able to take part in shadow days to see how a busy day is managed.

£500 deposit is required via bank transfer to secure the training date then the final amount is due 4 weeks before training.

Students should complete their case studies within 6 months to make sure they are building their confidence.

Price £4600.00