Like most people, before I started I was stuck in an office job where I had little passion or love for what I did. I always felt something was missing when I started my working career and over the years that followed. I never quite felt fulfilled, and longed to be able to do something creative whilst earning money and making people feel good. Eventually I decided to do something about it, and so began my journey to becoming a SPMU artist.

As a beautician or makeup artist, there are limitations to the enhancement and confidence you can give to your clients. SPMU extends this, allowing you to offer lasting benefits for your clients both aesthetically and in terms of convenience and time. This is why its rapidly becoming a popular way to subtly improve the overall appearance of the face, even if only one or two applications are carried out.

If you love helping people to be the best version of themselves, enjoy making a difference and have a  creative flair, then a career as an SPMU artist could be the perfect way for you to make money whilst utilising your natural talents. Even if you have no current experience as a makeup artist or aesthetician, you can become a fully-fledged SPMU artist with  my comprehensive, expert course.


Why Alexandra Perrin?

I have extensive personal experience of training, both good and bad. I used these experiences and best parts to create my very own course, taking the best bits from the good courses and learning valuable lessons from the bad.

I have invested a lot in my professional development ands have been on may courses, workshops and demonstrations both in the UK and over seas. Using all of this knowledge has helped me become a respected artist and build a successful business with thousands of satisfied customers.

It is so important when training that you admire the work of the trainer. I hear so often of people signing up to courses but they have never seen the work of the people who run the courses, how do you know that your trainer is of a good standard. I also hear that some trainers are not even based in the same country so it can be very difficult to speak to them if you having any concerns. That is why I run all my courses personally and have invested a lot of my expertise into every single element, from the manual and coursework book to the training itself. You will also have my continued support via social media and personal contact number for when you need my assistance, I am always an easy reach and are welcome to come to the salon to recap on any concerning topics. I believe you should leave your course feeling confident and ready to start your own journey.

I never accommodate more than 2 people onto one course as I feel you should have my undivided attention. My courses are also run in a specialised environment specifically designed for SPMU. This helps me develop your skills and guide you in the best direction at your own pace into becoming the best SPMU artist you can be.


Courses Available

Full 6 Day Beginner SPMU Training Course (brows, lips & eyes)

4 Day Beginner SPMU Brow Course

3 Day SPMU Brow Course for trained Microblading techs wishing to convert to Machine Method

2 Day Lip Course

2 Day Eyeliner Course

Workshops for qualified artists